Terms & Conditions

1. Shipping Plans must be created and approved by you.

2. We will not start our turnaround time until we have an approved shipping plan and the product in stock.

3. Our turnaround time is 48 business hours. If the shipment is not ready to ship at the end of the business day of the 48th hour, we will provide a 10% discount for late shipment.

4. All damaged items will be destroyed after 30 days if you do not advise us on what to do with the inventory via email.

5. All extra items will be destroyed after 90 days unless you advise us that you want to store them.

6. Any inventory in Storage will be destroyed after 3 consecutive months of storage fee non-payment.

7. Storage is free for the first 7 days. After that, storage is $40 per month per pallet or $10 per month per small parcel spot. Storage is prorated.

8. Any removals from Amazon that do not have your name on them will be destroyed.

9. If you do not send in the required number of units per tier in a month; you are then downgraded to the tier you have qualified for, and your price per unit will increase. To receive the discount again, you must qualify for the tier, and the discount will be applied the following month.

10. We will provide our fee reimbursements to you for products that have been mislabeled by Priority Prep. We require that the products be sent back to Priority Prep, and we will provide pictures to you of mislabeled items. On the occasion that the items are not mislabeled, and Amazon is at fault, Priority Prep will not provide fee reimbursements.

11. Priority Prep reserves the right to retain inventory for unpaid invoices.

12. Priority Prep will not disclose or use any supplier information to any outside, third party.

13. We have a minimum shipping plan policy of 20 units. If the units are shipped to different facilities, that is acceptable.

14. We will reuse any boxes that arrive from suppliers unless they are damaged. This may result in slightly higher shipping costs for you if your shipments are shipped via SPD.

15. We require that you enable 2D Barcodes on your Amazon account. This allows us to efficiently pack your products. If you do not enable 2D Barcodes, we reserve the right to refuse service.

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